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Water Filtration System
There are at quite a few Audi dealers in Connecticut out of which, at least five are major dealers. The success and popularity of this Germany-based automobile giant in The water filtration system used by your local government is not adequate to protect the health of your family. It's obvious from news reports that we probably will not get cholera, but we might get cancer and our kids may suffer from lead poisoning.

Cities like Philadelphia and Boston cannot pass EPA standards without "manipulating the results". And, the EPA standards are not that strict. No matter where you live, an in-home water filtration system is a good idea, but in some areas, it's an absolute necessity.

It was a good idea for cities to provide clean drinking water to their residents. As the technology advanced, some cities kept up, by providing the most up to date water filtration system available. But, many others did not.

Chlorine, for example, is not the only way to disinfect the water. It's just the cheapest. Some cities around the world have switched to newer technology, but in the United States, there is chlorine in the tap water.

Not too long ago, scientists were saying chlorinated water "might" cause health problems. Nobody is saying that anymore. Now, health experts around the country are warning that chlorine and other chemicals in the water cause cancer.

An activated carbon water filtration system will remove nearly 100% of the chlorine from your tap water, making it safe to use for cooking and drinking. It seems that the public water treatment facilities have done all that they can do. Now, it's up to us to protect ourselves.

If anyone in home suffers from asthma, you should know that the fumes from chlorinated water trigger asthma attacks. The chlorine content in the steam from your shower is higher than the content in the water itself. A water filtration system that filters out chlorine and attaches to the shower head is now available. Whether you suffer from respiratory problems or not, breathing those fumes cannot be good for you. Another problem with tap water is lead. In DC and Baltimore, the EPA advises against drinking unfiltered tap water, because there is no safe level of lead. It causes brain damage, learning disabilities and other illnesses. In large enough quantities, it can cause death.

A combination activated carbon and micron water filtration system will remove the lead from the water. It cannot be done at the treatment facility, the problem is in the pipes that run under the city streets and end at the kitchen faucet. A good home water filtration system is the only solution.

You have to be careful though. Some companies are promoting reverse osmosis for the home. Reverse osmosis does not remove chlorine or lead. The companies are basically taking advantage of the fear that we all feel.

The best in home water filtration system balances mineral content with ion exchange, filters microscopic pollutants with micron filtration and contains activated carbon to filter out chlorine, lead and other chemicals. So find a good system and relax. You can have pure water in your home, again.